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How to Get

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Marketing Efforts


Attorney advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry. Yet every year law firms waste millions of dollars on ineffective marketing. Why? Because they enjoy losing money? Of course not! They do it because they don’t know how to set up the systems to track their marketing efforts or they don’t know how to interpret the data that is shown to them.

If you are currently investing any money in marketing your law firm or are thinking of jumping into the fray hoping to find new ways to get more leads than you absolutely cannot afford to miss this riveting webinar.

You will discover:

 The 5 biggest mistakes attorneys make in their marketing and advertising

3 simple steps to track every lead that comes into your law firm

Training your staff to use the Rainmaker Lead Tracking Sheet

Measuring the metrics of your marketing efforts

Making sense of the data and how to make wise decisions

A good rule of thumb when it comes to ROI

The formula for measuring Marketing Return On Investment

  How to identify your “marketing money losers” and when to cut the cord


Setting realistic expectations from new marketing efforts


with Legal Marketing Expert

Stephen Fairley

About your presenter, Stephen Fairley

Stephen Fairley, Founder and CEO, The Rainmaker Institute, the nation's largest legal marketing company specializing in lead generation, lead conversion and client retention for small to mid-sized law firms. Academically trained as a clinical psychologist, he is a nationally recognized law firm marketing expert, a Master Business Coach, and the international best-selling author of 12 books. 

Stephen specializes in helping attorneys at small to mid-sized law firms rapidly increase their revenues by improving their intake and lead conversion systems. Since 1999, he has coached and trained over 18,000 attorneys. He has probably helped more attorneys break 7-figures than anyone else.  

Stephen is a nationally recognized legal marketing expert.

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